Things to do around Noordwijk

Noordwijk started as a small fishing village and grew out to be one of the biggest seaside resorts of the Netherlands. We can highly recommend to visit one of the beautiful beach at Noordwijk. The beach is about 13km wide and offers multiple activities like cycling, (beach) sports, walking the beautiful nature and last but not least: relaxing at the beach.

Besides the beaches, Noordwijk is located in the center of the world famous “Bollenstreek”, which roughly translates into the bulb-growing area. Within cycling distance you will be able to visit the most amazing tulip fields and, ofcourse, worlds famous Keukenhof.

Besides the tulip fields and beaches, there are multiple attractions to visit in the neighbourhood.
We’ve selected the most populair things to do around Noordwijk and around our cottage.

The beach

Enjoy the seaside on one of the cleanest beaches of the Netherlands. The beach at Noordwijk has been rewarded with the European Quality Coast mark. Relax in the sun, enjoy watersports or get a good lunch at one of the beachclubs.

The beach is about 5 minutes driving from the cottage.

De keukenhof (tulip fields)

Worlds famous tulip park with over 6 million tulips. De keukenhof is just 5 minutes by car from the cottage. The park is open from March till May, the ultimate flower season.

Theme park Duinrell

Amusement park Duinrell has a huge variety of attractions for kids and grown ups. From playground to roller coasters, Duinrell offers it all. Not the right weather for a theme park? Enjoy the biggest indoor swimming pool of the Netherlands.

Duinrell is about 20 minutes by car from the cottage.


Europe’s biggest playground with over 350 playing equipments and attractions. The perfect family getaway in just 15 minutes driving.


Dive into an amazing underwater world at Sealife in Scheveningen.

Space Expo

Space Expo is a space travel museum and the visitor centre of ESA ESTEC.

Visitors to Space Expo make an exciting journey of discovery through the universe. You can touch a real meteorite, launch a hydrogen rocket or jump around on the moon. One of our highlights is André Kuipers’ original Soyuz capsule.

Space Expo is about 15 minutes by car from the cottage.

Shopping Mall

The Westfield Mall of the Netherlands shopping center in Leidschendam is 35 minutes by car from the bungalow. Here you can easily entertain yourself for a day with more than 230 shops, restaurants and cinema. The ideal outing if it rains for a day. Free parking is available at the shopping centre.


Jumpin’ Noordwijk is a varied indoor fun park of 1000m2. The park features a Maincourt, Tumbling lane, Big Air Bag, High Performance Trampolines, WallRider, Valo Jumpin’, F1 racing simulators and BounceTrack. A bounce track? Of course! A course in which you have to jump, climb and dive over, between, through and under obstacles as quickly as possible. In short, extremely challenging! Do you set the fastest time?

The best of the natural world

Naturalis’ new museum is a combined experience of seeing and doing. All ages will experience the beauty and richness of nature in impressive galleries. In the new galleries you will learn everything about the earliest life on Earth, about The Netherlands in the Ice Age and about the immense forces of our planet. You will also discover the most surprising ways in which plants and animals seduce each other. You can also look a huge African elephant right in the eyes see for yourself how destructive volcanoes can actually be. Ever wondered about life in the Dinosaur Era? You no longer have to.